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Eric’s Vision for the Antelope Valley

When I look at the Antelope Valley, I am inspired, not just by what a great community it is to be a part of, but also by it’s potential.

A bright and exciting future is within reach, which is the reason I’m running for office. I can see the possibilities in our community and I want to be a part of the solution help the Antelope Valley be the best it can be… for all of us.  

To help the Antelope Valley reach it’s potential I want to focus on three critical points that, when combined, form a virtuous circle that will build and strengthen our community: Infrastructure, Education, and Economy. Lift one, and the others become more achievable. Investment in infrastructure, for example, creates jobs, stimulating a growing and prosperous economy that will fund improvements to education.  


Policy positions

I believe that if we want to see change in our state it starts with great local leadership, that is why I would be proud to represent California’s 36th district in Sacramento. Here is a little bit about my policy positions that are in addition to my support for Medicare for all and the Green New Deal, how I approach difficult problems that face every Californian.


I want to expand programs like Community Development Block Grants, which provide communities with the resources they need to grow while protecting the availability of affordable housing.

Eric Ohlsen  |  California’s 36th


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